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Like in the works, the place and context of the projects provide the essence of the work. Not much is invented, the work uncovers what is already there. Here you will find the most recent projects of Irene Fortuyn. For other projects consult the list of ALL projects or the archive.
World of Welcome >>
Irene Fortuyn
World of Welcome World map for the Peace Palace (1913), the symbol of international peace and justice, made up of the words Welcome handwritten in native language by students, lawyers, diplomats and other citizens from all over the world. Commissioned by: Carnegie Foundation
Realized: 2012
Wierdijk-Oost >>
Ketter & Co
Proposal for restoration of the regional monument the Wierdijk
Commissioned by: Provincie Noord-Holland, BMC, KCNH
Presentation: herbarium, book, printed matter, models
In progress

Gebakken Landschap, >>
In collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Proposal for artistic intervention in the landscape
Commissioned by: Gemeente Berkel Rodenrijs
Presentation: models, books
In progress



Atlas Overstad Alkmaar >>
Ketter & Co
Cultural biography of Overstad Alkmaar
Commissioned by: Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland (KCNH ) in
Collaboration with Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland (CENH ),Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland and Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland

Ketter & Co
Proposal for the arrangement of the diagnosticcenter in Heerhugowaard
Commissioned by: Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland, Medisch Centrum Alkmaar
Presentation: models, book
Realised: 2010

VVA-Spartaan, Bos en Lommer>>
Ketter & Co
Design for gates and stands for a football-club
Commissioned by: Stadsdeel Bos & Lommer, Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeveing en bouwkunst
Presentation: books
Realised: 2010

WATERLABYRINTH - helofytenfilter
n collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Proposal for the design of a natural water filtering system for Moerenburg in Tilburg
Commissioned by: Nieuwe Brabantse Kunst Stichting
Presentation: publication, model
Realized: 2012 >>



Boschpoort, Maastricht >>
Proposal for artistic intervention in public space.
Commissioned by: Gemeente Maastricht
Presentation: publication, prints
Realised: 2009