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Here you will find a list of ALL projects of Irene Fortuyn ordered by year.

Wierdijk-Oost, Ketter & Co
Proposal for restoration of the regional monument the Wierdijk
Commissioned by: Provincie Noord-Holland, BMC, KCNH
Presentation: herbarium, book, printed matter, models

Plug-In, Ketter & Co
Proposal for the arrangement of the diagnosticcenter in Heerhugowaard
Commissioned by: Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland, Medisch Centrum Alkmaar
Presentation: models, book
Realised: 2010

Atlas Overstad Alkmaar, Ketter & Co
Cultural biography of Overstad Alkmaar
Commissioned by: Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland (KCNH ) in
Collaboration with Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland (CENH ),Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland and Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland


De topografie van het uitzicht van Nederland, NRC


Monument tegen Geweld
Proposal for a Memorial against senseless violence
Commissioned by: Stichting Muur tegen Geweld, CBK Drenthe, Gemeente Wolden
Presentation: publication, model


WATERLABYRINTH - helofytenfilter, Tilburg
Proposal for the design of a natural water filtering system for Moerenburg in Tilburg
In collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Commissioned by: Nieuwe Brabantse Kunst Stichting
Presentation: publication, model
In progress

    Kijken naar Haarlem Oost,Haarlem
Research on the possible use of the different senses in the design of the Reinalda park
Commissioned by: Stichting Werk Spoor
Presentation: prints, models, publication, animation
2006 Ziekenhuis Amstelland, Amstelveen
Design for patio and contemplation room
Commissioned by: Hospital Amstelveen
Presentation: publication
    Proposal for a garden in memory of the poet Vasalis.
Commissioned by: Stichting Mensinge, Roden
Presentation: print, model
    Boschpoort, Maastricht
Proposal for artistic intervention in public space
Commissioned by: Gemeente Maastricht
Presentation: publication, prints
Realised: 2009
  2005 Shanghai, a photographic portrait
Portrait of the city from four perspectives, photographed by Irene Fortuyn, Marco Sweering and their two children, Lucas (14) and Hannah (9)
  Vredespaleis, The Hague
Design for entrance area of the new wing
Commissioned by: The Carnegie Foundation
Presentation: publication
Realised: 2006

Berkel en Rodenrijs
Artistic intervention in the landscape, proposal
In collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Commissioned by: Gemeente Berkel en Rodenrijs
Presentation: prints, publications, models, video
In progress

    Rijnhof, Woerden
Proposal for Rijnhof cemetery
Commissioned by: Gemeente Woerden
Presentation: publication, model

Lunenburgplein, Dordrecht
Proposal for Lunenburgplein
Commissioned by: CBK Dordrecht
Presentation: publication, model

  2004 Five-Euro coin 2004
Design for a special edtion of the Five-Euro coin 2004
Commissioned by: the Ministery of Finance
Presentation: publication, model
    City Hall Zutphen
Design for an art application for the Old City Hall Zutphen
Commissioned by: Gemeente Zutphen
    Office Landesregierung Innsbruck, Landhaus 2
Proposal art for the central atrium
Commissioned by: Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung
Presentation: publication, model
  2003 Between Suikerbakker en Oude Telgterweg
Design for a park
Commissioned by: Gemeente Ermelo
Presentation: model, publication
    Sportscomplex Jan van Galen, Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam
Design for a fence around a sports complex
In collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Commissioned by: Stadsdeel Bos en Lommer
Presentation: publication, model
Realised: 2010
    Goossenmaatspark, Almelo
Design for a park
In collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Commissioned by the city of Almelo
Presentation: publication, model
Realised: 2005
    Landgoed Vijversburg, Tytsjerksteradiel
Design for entrance to the estate
In collaboration with Arjan Karssen
Commissionned by the community of Tytsjerksteradiel
Presentation: publication
Realised: 2005
    Tax-Office, Almelo
Design for an art project in-outside
Commissioned by: the Rijksbouwmeester
Presentation: publication
Realised: 2004
    A27, Breda
Design for an art project A27
commissioned by the city of Breda
    Das Haus in den Wolken
Design for a children’s book from the exhibition Dolls Housing
Concept: Fortuyn/O’Brien
Text: K.Schippers
Commissioned by: Landeshauptstadt München, Germany
Published in 2003
  2002 Railway Cover Structure, Theresienhöhe
Design Competion for Artists and Landscape-Architects, Münich, Germany
In collaboration with Alle Hosper landscape architects
Commissioned by: Landeshauptstadt Münich, Germany
Presentation: model, publication
    Interpolis Metropolis, Tilburg
Design for Clubhuis 3
Commissioned by: Interpolis
Presentation: models and publication
Realised 2003
  2001 Zuidas, Amsterdam
Consortium Mahler 4
Commissioned by: Gemeente Amsterdam
Presentation: video, photo’s
  2000 Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
Design for two courtyards at Gate D
Commissioned by: the schiphol Group
Presentation: model
    Piazza Garibaldi, Montaïone, Italy
Design for a park
Commissioned by: Comune di Mantaïone, Tuscany, Italy
Presentation: model and video
  1999 Van Coothplein, Breda
Proposal for a public art work
Commissioned by: Gemeente Breda
  1998 Liemers College, Didam
Proposal for the frontgarden
Commissioned by: the Liemers College
Presentation: model
Realised 1999
    Highway Intersection A6 - A27, (near) Almere
Proposal for the intersection area
Commissioned by: the Ministry of Transport and Public Works
presentation: model
    Burgemeester Loeffplein, Den Bosch
Langue perdue (seven fountain)
Commissioned by: Gemeente Den Bosch
Presentation: model
Realised 1999
  1997 Santuario Della Santissima Annunziata, Ghizzano, Italy
Ospiti ( two marble benches )
Commisioned by: Comune di Peccioli, Tuscany, Italy
Realised: 1997
    Hoogland, Amersfoort
Proposal for a monument
Commissioned by: the City of Amersfoort
Presentation: model
    Silodam, Amsterdam
Proposal for the public space
Commissioned by: Gemeente Amsterdam
Presentation: publication
    Grotestraat-Goorseweg, Diepenheim
Proposal for the mainstreet and a village square
In collaboration with Alle Hosper landscape architects
Commissioned by: the City of Diepenheim
Presentation: models
Realised: 2001
  1996 Pastorieplein, Hengelo
Proposal for a city square
Commissioned by: the city of Hengelo
presentation: model
    Cardiff Bay, Cardiff
Project for the redevelopment of the public space
Commissioned by: the Cardiff Bay Art Trust, Cardiff Bay Development Corporation
Presentation: publication
    Medical Center Molendael, Baarn
In the Woods (seven bronze trees) & Silence (five gilded bronze drops)
commissioned by the Praktijkbureau, Amsterdam
presentation: preliminary study
realised 1997-1998
  1995 Stadshagen, Zwolle
Research and recommendations for the position of art in an urban development plan
In collaboration with Arno Vriends
Commissioned by: the Muncipal Arts Council of Zwolle
Presentation: model cityscape and publication
    Dierdonk, Helmond
Urban plan for a residential area
In collaboration with Claus & Kaan architects and B&B landscape architects
Commissioned by: Gemeente Helmond
presentation: model and publication
Realised: 1996
  1994 Wilhelminapark, Amsterdam
Proposal for a citypark
Commissioned by: Gemeente Amsterdam
Presentation; model, studies, plans
Realised: 1998
  1993 Park Oudegein, Nieuwegein
Proposal for a park
Commissioned by: Gemeente Nieuwegein
Presentation: model
    Stadhuisplein, Landsmeer
Propoasal for a square
Commissioned by: the City of Landsmeer
Presentation: drawings
    The Slaughterhouse Area, Den haag
Proposal for the public space of the Slaughterhouse Area
In collaboration with Arno Vriends
commissioned by: STROOM hcbk, Den Haag
Presentation: models, exhibition and book
  1992 Molenhof, Leiderdorp
Proposal for 7 bridges in collaboration with Peter Struyken
Commissioned by: Ars Usu
Presentation: computer - animated studies
Realised: 1992
    Kasterleepark, Amsterdam
Proposal for the entrance
Commissioned by: Gemeente Amsterdam
Presentation: model
Competition, winning project
  1991 Markendael, Breda
Commissioned by: 3w=
Presentation: model
  1990 Tarwewijk, Rotterdam
Proposal for a public space
Commissioned by: the City of Rotterdam
Presentation: drawings
Realised: 1990