Werken Archief
Park Vijversburg
Leeuwarden, 2003

Park Vijversburg, Leeuwarden
Adjusted proposal for entrance “Groot Vijversburg” Estate
The gate will have a pergola-like construction of 18 meters wide and
4.60 meters high. The width will be divided in different fixed and turning
gate-elements, which will give access to different user-groups. The gate
elements will vary in transparency due to the use of different sizes blinds.
The wooden blinds are 3 cm broth and are 5 to 10 cm deep. The distances
between the blinds are 4 cm. The part of the gate that is used by cars and
that has the lane behind it, will be the most transparent in closed position.

The materials used for the different parts of the opening gate are:
- Platowood (sustainable grenen)
- RVS for the moving elements and the hanging of the gates and letters
- Red clay for the letters on the gate