Werken Archief
Atrium in Landhaus 2, Innsbruck 2004
Atrium in Landhaus 2, Innsbruck

The Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung represented by Häusler
contemporary, has invited me for a competition for Landhaus 2,
which will house the Tiroler Landesregierung in Innsbruck.
The design of this building is made by fpa (frank & probst architekten)
in collaboration with Walter Schwetz.
The building has an elaborated ecological and energy concept,
and contains three atriums, which are part of this eco system.
Two of these atriums will be used as conservatories and will
contain large plants and trees.
It is for the central atrium, which is located directly at the
entrance area of the building that I have been asked to design
a work that defi nes the space and enlivens the hall.
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